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3,567 People Read OusttheImp Daily

By the way, thank you folks for reading O.I.D (OusttheImp). It’s just, what two days, and the first day saw 3,567 people reading the stuff here. Thanks for the PinoyObserver, the Suyakana people and the NewPhilippineRevolution people for visiting this site.

It just means that if all of these 3,567 spread the word about our efforts to 10 of their friends, we have like 356,700 people already aware of what’s happening and discussing what’s the best thing to do.

More and more young people are also visiting the http://suyakana.blogspot.com site. This is truly inspiring.Let’s spread the light my friends.

As things stand, Congress might probably junk our impeachment complaint. But, hey. That’s not the end of it. IN fact, we are proud that more and more people are waking up from their sleep and realizing that it’s time to rise and show our disgusts. Time to get up, flex those muscles, stretch those legs and march.


Why I want to Oust the Imp?

Oust the Imp is our attempt to raise the bar of discussion on the web and enlighten as many people as possible about the state of our country. For more than eight years, we, especially the students, have given Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo every opportunity to prove us wrong.

When people shouted in the streets to oust her in 2002, I did’nt come. I felt then that it’s too early to judge Mrs. Arroyo.

When Gloria went to Baguio and spoke about the virtues of Rizal among us, we believed her. She promised that she’ll just serve the remainder of deposed president Erap’s term and that’s it. I never really thought that Gloria would eventually change tack a year later.

2004 saw Gloria winning the election against popular movie idol FPJ. Charges of electoral fraud were hurled against her. Me and my friends never joined those rallies. I thought then that in this country, everybody thinks he won the elections but he’s just cheated. We’re all sore losers.

Yet, when Gloria and her husband and their friends started entering into those billion peso deals, like the Northrail project, I suddenly realized that hey, wait a minute! They’re stealing my money big-time. The allowance that my parents give me and those that I spend for food and paying all those VAT, they’re stealing it.

I suddenly found myself obsessed with what’s going on. Why are they entering into those stupid deals which foreigners benefit and Filipinos suffer? I read in the newspapers how Joc-Joc Bolante stole more than 3 billion pesos of supposed GMA funds for the farmers and I told myself, hey, this man stole what’s supposed to be the fertilizer of my father.

Then, Joey de Venecia III came and exposed the ZTE deal. Imagine, a COMELEC Commissioner trying to dupe us of more than 8 billion pesos! That’s a huge sum of money which could have been used to feed more than 4 million hungry and poor families in Metro Manila for 3 years straight!

To make matters worst, a man named Jun Lozada also appeared and showed us why Gloria and her gang fears for the continuation of the Senate probe on the ZTE–the First Couple is obviously involved.

And the ZTE was not just the sellout that Gloria and her gang made.

Gloria tried to fool us into believing that she wants peace in Mindanao. She tried to sign a Memorandum of Agreement giving a large portion of Mindanao to an armed group which claims that they owe those lands there. And I later learned that our ancestral house in Zamboanga is included in the BJE Territory. My forefathers bought that lot fair and square and here’s the very president of my country, selling national patrimony out to those who allegedly claim those lands as theirs!

That’s why, today, me and my friends are joining this movement against Gloria. For many years, we have kept our silence. But, this government is bungling its job and they’re doing it at the expense of people like me.

With the impending recession next year, how can we trust our lives and our future to a bumbling idiot of a president? How can we actually trust these people in government who continues to lie, cheat and steal. They’re not ashamed to steal my hard-earned money and the money of their parents.

It’s time to act. Time to end this evil regime. And time to tell all these cheaters, thieves, hoodlums and liars in government that there are still people out there who want them punished for their high crimes against the People.

Time to Oust the Imp.