We lost accountability

Have you been asked by your mom to go to the store and buy some suka? I’m sure every one experienced that. You’re given 10 pesos and suka is just 5 pesos a jigger and you give back the sukli, yes? I know everyone experience that.

In government, the people repose trust and confidence to their leader. Elections are the surest guarantee of that trust. Elections give these officials the chance to serve and it serves as a covenant. The laws, meanwhile, serve as terms of reference, a kind of Code that guides everyone on the right conduct in society.

This simple experience of going to the store and buy something and giving back the sukli is what we call “accountability”. When you’re a government official, you need to think that every action that you take requires accountability. You are not doing it for your own benefit. You are doing it for your parents, your grandparents, your wife, your kids and your friends.

A government post is not just a position of responsibility; it is a position of accountability.

IN this administration of Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, she and the rest of her gang were given the chance to serve this country. Through taxes, the people express the belief that Mrs. Arroyo would uphold the very pillars by which this country was founded:


Territorial Integrity


In a span of eight years, Mrs. Arroyo has nearly destroyed all of these pillars and for what? To make the Filipino  life better? Tell that to the Philippine Marines, Mrs. Arroyo. The very sons and wives of the Marines are suffering. They can’t even get their allowances. They can’t even get loans.

Is the life of the soldier better now than 2001? No. The same old boots. The same tattered clothes. The same old bullets. The same old soggy socks.

How about the worker? Is life better now than 2001? Wage increase, is there any? How about the ability to get loans? Nothing much either there.

What future awaits the Filipino farmer who were deprived of more than 3 billion pesos by a group of greedy and hungry devils masquerading as government officials?

What future awaits the more than 350,000 new graduates next year? How about the more than 7 million able-bodied Pinoys all walking like Zombies along the stretch of Ayala and all other places in the country, finding, desperately looking for jobs?

And what would happen to the more than 2 million people affected by the war in Mindanao? This war which has been raging since the 19th century, has now affected more than 250,000 families. Prior to this year, peace has relatively reigned in that part of the world. But because of higher realpolitik, peace and order has now degenerated.

Who, then, is accountable for all these societal mess?

If this government cannot give us justice, then, let the People show everyone that this Country is still proud of its race.

That the People is not just a bunch of individuals; but a Nation. A proud Nation of People who do not tolerate shady deals, government corruption and immorality of the highest order.

Let those who stole from us be accountable for their actions.

Act now. Stand Up now. Move now. Or it would be too late for us, for our kids, for our future.


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