The flights of First Golfer

We heard this news that a certain wealthy golfer, who recently had an angio, reportedly suffered an epiphany. His eldest son egged him to “share the wealth which he amassed thru deals” before he dies. The Golfer has three lovely kids, one of them recently got married and the other two are successful in their fields.

Yet, the kids want their share of the Golfer’s so-called “multi-million loot” (sources say it’s within the vicinity of 1-1.2 billion pesos. BILLION, not MILLION, my dear). And you know why the kids want to apportion the Golfer’s wealth right now?

Because the Golfer has a new paramour. Yes, another paramour.

Reportedly, this lady served as a former stewardess of a very popular airline. Wagging tongues say, she used to be the woman of another controversial figure who reinvented the word “scam” into “fertilizer”.Since they’re buddies, the other man shared his woman to the other. Talk about being in the same club together.

Anyway, the former stewardess, the golfer’s sex buddy, is having the time of her life, splurging on people’s money. Or, to be precise, golfer’s money. And what golfer don’t know is this–his ladylove gives a matinee idol a steady supply of dough, courtesy of golfer. After stewardess attends to golfer’s “flights”, she goes to matinee idol’s flat and gets it from the hunk.

But, there’s actually a problem right now…

Golfer is being asked by his former paramour, a Filipina-Chinese “businesswoman” for allowance. Golfer and this Chinay have two kids. Golfer used to love Chinay but since Chinay is not anymore “young” and as “fresh” as his present flight attendant (who has the reputation of giving someone a head), his interest suddenly waned.He left Chinay holding an empty JP account.

Chinay threatened to expose golfer’s indiscretions. Scared, golfer is now looking for “sponsors”. He also asked a friend to give Chinay whatever she wants. Chinay and her brothers now have unlimited exit and entry to the country’s ports. Talk about influence. Golfer is not even a government official.

By the way, Golfer lost his “billions” due to the foolishness of his younger brother. His brother went abroad, stashed his monies there under the name of his brother’s wife. When his brother’s wife fled the country, she carted with him golfer’s money entrusted to his brother. She then used the money to get an annulment. Many people say, golfer’s brother’s wife is not to be blamed. Golfer’s brother is a certified cocaine junkie and gambler. Golfer’s brother also is a closet homo, who enjoys punching his poor, lovely wife until the wife admits that he’s more beautiful than her.

For this, golfer and his brother lost 1.1 billion pesos. The wife now is living in utter luxury somewhere in the Swiss alps, far, far away from the closet homo and his golfer brother.


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