Will Noli be the President?

When asked if he will try his hand on the presidency, Vice President Noli de Castro quipped that “it’s destiny”. Everyone thinks that, the presidency is just a destiny. BF can dream all he wants. Mar can say all he wants. Loren can even put more makeup just to look presidential or Villar can put build many low-cost housing projects and construct many similar C-5s or bridges, or U-turn slots or flyovers.He can do all he wants. But, if it’s not his destiny, he’ll never become president. Sayang lang billions mo, Manny.

Now, everybody is again asking–if Gloria is impeached, obviously, under the Constitution, Noli will be “it”. Well, that’s a constitutionally fair assumption. As Vice President, he’s mandated to assume power should the impeachment succeed in ousting Gloria.

However, what if Noli declines and instead wait for his turn in 2010 and hands over power to the Chief Justice? That would be constitutional. That would truly be legal. And that would probably be the most non-political action favorable to everyone.

So, that answers many of the people’s fears about Noli taking on his destiny sooner than 2010. If I’m Noli, I’ll go this route. Anyway, should the People behind the impeachment succeeds in ousting Gloria, we will still have a 2010 elections; however, government will probably be run by a caretaker one which is better than a well-entrenched syndicate making fun of state affairs.


2 responses to “Will Noli be the President?

  1. If the Office of the President is vacated, the Vice President takes over,
    If the VP vacates the presidency, then the Senate President takes over, not the Chief Justice.

  2. I think Ted that Mr. Peach purposely left out Mr. Villar because of reasons like the C-5 extension project.

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