The Blackest Day

This day may turn out to be the blackest day in Philippine history. Today, the House Committee on Justice committed a grave injustice to the Filipino People by killing the impeachment complaint against Philippine president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Voting 42 to 8, members of Gloria’s political party defeated the minority led by Cong. Ronnie Zamora who did every legal option just for the impeachment complaint to pass to the committee level and start the trial. It seems that Gloria’s allies don’t want these oppositors to even reach second base and have the opportunity to present damning evidence against this regime.

In an interview, Zamora said that he’s tired of doing this impeachment. For him, this is the second time that he sponsored the impeachment complaint. And twice, it was rebuffed. The majority used the tyranny of numbers to repulse the most serious legal denunciation against Gloria.

Victims of human rights abuses booed the committee members for allowing themselves to be used by Gloria. Congresswoman Liza Masa revealed what transpired the day prior to the hearing. She said that media reports exposed an alleged meeting by KAMPI and some Lakas members in Linden Suites austensibly a meeting where members of the Committee were given half a million pesos just to kill the impeachment. As early as 5 in the evening, journalists got texts saying that a Malacanang operator called up some Congressmen to give them their early November presents.

Yet, even if this did not occur (although Committee chair Matias Defensor in an interview, admitted having been called by someone about the meeting), Congressmen are sure to kill the impeachment because this is the time where the budget is to be given to their legislative districts. No one in his right doggie mind would try to alienate himself from the powers that be, short of risking the budget for his district.

So, that brave challenge by Joey de Venecia III is as doomed as hell. It was not designed to fail yet it was destined to fall by the sharp sword of the president’s allies.

By the way friends, here’s the statement of Joey about this blackest day in Philippine history:

November 26, 2008

This is a sad day not only for us the complainants and the minority lawmakers, but more so for the Filipino people. Our right to take President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to task has again been taken away from us.

As our minority lawmakers have said repeatedly, this process is a way to let government show the transparency that the Constitution mandates.

The impeachment process is the proper and legal forum to let the people know what is happening and to allow the government and its officials to explain themselves.

It appears that the government would rather that the people take its grievances to the street than offer them a decent and legal forum.

The House Justice Committee might have stopped the impeachment complaint but I assure everyone that the Committee cannot stop us from airing our grievances and allegations in any and all other forums available to us.

We will bring this case straight to the people. We will go to them and talk to them. We will put out into the open what the government would rather keep under the cloak of darkness.

I give my utmost appreciation to all those who supported us in any way. I thank the Filipino people for their sentiments and their prayers.

We will not keep quiet. The fight in the halls of Congress may be over but the real fight for truth and justice goes on.


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