3,567 People Read OusttheImp Daily

By the way, thank you folks for reading O.I.D (OusttheImp). It’s just, what two days, and the first day saw 3,567 people reading the stuff here. Thanks for the PinoyObserver, the Suyakana people and the NewPhilippineRevolution people for visiting this site.

It just means that if all of these 3,567 spread the word about our efforts to 10 of their friends, we have like 356,700 people already aware of what’s happening and discussing what’s the best thing to do.

More and more young people are also visiting the http://suyakana.blogspot.com site. This is truly inspiring.Let’s spread the light my friends.

As things stand, Congress might probably junk our impeachment complaint. But, hey. That’s not the end of it. IN fact, we are proud that more and more people are waking up from their sleep and realizing that it’s time to rise and show our disgusts. Time to get up, flex those muscles, stretch those legs and march.


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