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1st Update: Minority Congressman considers Our Intervention Second Complaint

Latest update on the MOA-AD Intervention.

Congressman Matias Defensor, chairman of the House Committee on Constitutional Amendments says that the recent filing of the MOA-AD Intervention should be considered as not an intervention, but rather as a new and separate complaint.

Defensor thinks that since there’s no precedence in the house rules on filing an intervention, it would be best for the Committee to start the hearing on the impeachment on November 18-21 by which time, the House panel would probably review the case, consider it in proper form and substance and pass it to the House for second reading. The impeachment complaint will probably be killed on the floor.

Sources in the House says, Congressmen will kill the impeachment within one or two weeks.

Surprisingly, minority Congressmen Teddy Casino and Satur Ocampo thinks that way too.

Casino and Ocampo are endorsers of the original complaint filed by ZTE whistle blower Joey de Venecia III. They support what De Venecia filed but because of their party position “so as not to antagonize solidarity ties with the Bangsamoro People”, they elect to keep their silence on the MOA-AD filing. Meaning, they will probably not support the intervention since they are supportive of the MOA.

What Casino and Ocampo failed to appreciate is this–the intervenors of this MOA-AD is not questioning the legality or illegality of the MOA-AD. In fact, many of the intervenors are in agreement with the party stand of Bayan Muna and all other revolutionary groups–that the MOA-AD is the way to go for our Bangsamoro brothers in Mindanao.

What the intervention seeks to punish is the way government of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo mishandled the situation. Government did not go to the negotiating table with clean hands. Arroyo and her minions went there precisely to bungle it. The peace panel of the GRP knew that they can’t promise the moon and the stars to the MILF, yet, they precisely did it to jeopardize peace negotiations. Arroyo’s actions as Chief Executive is treasonous; hence, impeachable.

Casino and Ocampo should have considered that now is the right time to reconsolidate anti-Arroyo forces and unite for the ouster of Arroyo prior to 2010.

For now, intervenors are thinking of going to campuses, universities and schools to give lectures and talks on why the group decided to file this intervention.